CSR Is the initiative stemmed from the heart of the Smart village community after the 25th January’s revolution in order to raise awareness of the glorious cultural, political and Social for all the employees of the village, ap2102 (about 01,111) forty thousand Egyptian citizen.

Mostly in the age group of young and middle-level and high education university degree, what the above.
Several cultural seminars were held such as: -

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    List of topics for discussion in the near future:

    • (Constitution) what is - it’s definition - what its impact on our lives - release mechanism - its contents - the constitutions of other countries
    • Supplementary laws to the Constitution. The political rights law. Presidential Elections Law
    • Issues concerning the Constitution. Type of State: a civil or religious. Type of government: a royal or presidential
    • Presidential type: parliamentary or presidential decree. Parliament: Parliament - the Shura Council
    • Rates of workers peasants parliamentary representation - categories - women’s quota - the other communities
    • Election presidential - parliamentary - local councils - unions - clubs - universities
    • Civil society institutions. What it is - their role in society - the importance of accession to
    • Modern state. Growth experiences of other countries.
    • Components of growth( Economy - Education - Culture - political freedoms )
    • Egyptian Renaissance projects. Corridor development - Development of Sinai - the development level
    • Egypt’s water resources - The crisis of the Nile water. Opportunities and Challenges

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    Mechanisms to communicate with the community of the Smart Village

    • E-mail or social networking pages - Twitter - Face Book for the residents of the Smart Village
    • Organize seminars in the presence of a specialist speaker on the subject of the symposium.
    • Registration seminars and published on the YouTube channel of the village of interest on PET who did not attend.
    • The establishment of electronic library of the events of the Forum and contain documents, seminars and books related to the Topics that are discussed in the forum.