A smart mix of services and facilities offered to our business community.

These services are offered by specialized service providers carefully selected by means of high standard evaluation, delivering business support services to our valuable clients.SV Egypt’s community enjoys the professional services offered for their convenience inside and outside their office spaces. Such services are tailoredto harmonize the business process within the park.

We take care of our clients' business processes and environment through handling all facility functions at the clients' premises.

By integrating services, we can create further cost synergies and increase efficiency and flexibility.

  • Transportation.
  • Event management.
  • Catering.
  • Meeting facilities and Conference center.
  • Housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Restaurant and Café.
  • Landscapes.
  • Sports and leisure facilities.
  • Soft landing services.
  • Resume on Demand.
Facility Management
  SVC is responsible for the construction renovation, maintenance and repair of the park’s buildings and facilities around the clock, as well as, the provision of utilities, trash collection, recycling, site cleaning, janitorial services, air conditioning, pest & rodents control and security & access control.

We strive to provide these services in a manner consistent with Smart Village Egypt standard of excellence. In this, we have a facility management team that is staffed on a 24-hour basis, where it acts upon urgent service calls.

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      Smart villages Development & Management company offers a varied package of transportation facilities to satisfy different needs.

    Our transportation services from/ to Smart Village are Listed below:
    Round Trip Buses

    Monthly Subscriptions
    Double Deck Buses


    External Shuttle Bus

    Internal Shuttle Bus

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    Catering & Events Management

      Being part of the  busy working world, and with new business tasks added to your " To Do" list on daily basis, Smart Villages Company works on maximizing your business' and comfort  through  providing the best catering services.

    We carefully choose our catering partners which provide top quality catering company solutions, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best  while we take care of the rest.

    No matter what size your business is, you will always want to make sure that your clients, prospective clients, and employees are well taken care of.  If you need a boxed lunch for a meeting, a dinner for the board, an elegant celebration meal or something more extravagant to celebrate a milestone, we can take care of everything you need.

    The company’s outsourced team of professional, courteous staff dedicate themselves to making your event unique, enjoyable and inspiring for your guests.  So whether you're having 5 or 1000 for dinner, lunch or cocktail, let us work with you to craft the occasion to perfection.

    Our catering Services include:
    • A full fledge service cafeteria inside your premises.
    • Snack Delivery to your office.
    • Pantry Services and setting up a kitchenette in your office, we provide waiters as well as all the equipments needed.
    • Event catering this includes buffets, open air barbeques as well as seated menus.

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      Janitorial Services

    We grant you the best janitorial service by assigning the best janitors for your company; where all areas are maintained clean and sparkling, including:

    • lobbies, reception rooms, waiting rooms, corridors.
    • Toilets, exit areas, staircases and landings.
    • All access areas including offices, corridors, basement car parking.
    • All Common areas.
    • Service areas, pantries, Cafeteria.
    • Any other areas assigned by the client within the premises.
    • The above general cleaning work has been divided into daily and weekly cleaning Services.
      Pest & Rodent Control

    We provide you with the pest and rodent control service, you just report it to our Facility Management Department and you will never face the problem again.
      Trash Collection

    To complete the cycle of a clean community, we are responsible for trash and waste collection.

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    Landscape Maintenance & Plantation

      All the world is moving towards the Green concept, and as usual SVC was the pioneer to embrace the concept. More than 90% is the total of green areas in our business park. Having our special plants nursery, we offer our clients an after sale service, in which we provide the best quality of flowers and plantations to transfer your working place into relaxing but vibrant place at the same time

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    Security Services

      We make your environment, your employees and your assets more secure so that you can focus on your core businesses; we present:
    • Expertly trained, uniformed security officers.
    • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles.
    • Officers equipped with cellular phone and emergency response procedures.
    • 24 hour dispatching capabilities.
    • Random patrol patterns for maximum security.
    • Key management.

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    Fire Fighting

      Employees rescue is considered the prime concern for the security team, at any serious reason during buildings evacuation. Evacuation should be done in a very short time and with the minimal losses.

    To achieve these goals and guarantee the right evacuation process, employees should be trained on the evacuation plan and firefighting system periodically.

    Smart Villages Company established a system in case of fire accidents;
    • Alarming system.
    • Firefighting system.
    • Evacuation Plan.
    • Emergency phones.
    • Supportive phones.

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    Parking Management

      The least issue that may cross your mind, Smart Villages Company has already considered it; in this, each building in Smart Village has an underground parking areas for the companies' employees. Not forgetting about the visitors, parking areas were built near each building.

    Moreover, a general surface parking is available close to gate 3, for all tenants and employees, where our shuttle buses serve a connection.

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    Technical Maintenance

      SVC Delivers you the best-in-class building maintenance services, as we deliver these facilities maintenance services efficiently, effectively, professionally, and also environmentally-friendly. Whether bundling of various services or complete outsourcing services for your cleaning and maintenance operations, SVC can work with you to tailor a program that meets your specific outsourcing needs.

    Your assets need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently. We believe that a well-maintained facility provides tenants with a safe and productive work environment while creating lasting value.

    Our maintenance services include: plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, and general services.

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    Smart Villages Institute

    Smart Villages Institute implements training and educational programs covering several disciplines directly or through well known training & educational entities, and its scope of work covers Egypt as well as Africa & the Middle East, and to be fully accredited as well.

    Smart Villages Institute (SVI) Objectives are to implement programs that meet individuals’ personal and career level across the lifespan, through a variety of channels and timeframes.
    Establish channels of accreditation with Universities & Research Centers for the welfare of the society and in particular Smart Village employees




    • Workshops & Seminars.
    • Certificates & Diplomas.
    • Tailored courses.
    • Team Building.
    • Job Fairs.
    • Career Advising.

    For more info: svi@smart-villages.com


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    Other Services

      Smart Village Briefing & Tour:

    If you are visiting Smart Village Egypt for the first time, SVC provides:
    • An executive briefing and presentation that is held in the SV pavilion to orient you with the history of Smart Village Egypt.
    • A tour of the area where you get to visit the Cult Nat, where Egypt’s cultural Heritage is documented, and Exceed, Egypt’s first call center.
    • Coordination and scheduling the appropriate appointments and assist with business arrangements.

    Following our slogan "a hassle free environment", we offer you a full range of complementary and essential business services to assist you developing your business smoothly; these services are:
    • Signage Execution.
    • Banks & ATMs.
    • Clinic & Ambulance Service.
    • Coffee shops &Cafeterias.
    • Travel agency.