This is a bundle of products for property and facility management, created through developing and maintaining active communication with tenants and service providers.

SMARTPROPERTY as an owner representation service is always keeping an eye on the market supply and demand, ensuring a top position for clients' properties.

In addition to freeing clients from all aspects of the often distressing property management processes, including accounting, leasing, maintenance, as well as residential and business rent stabilization, Smart Villages Company handles typical rental properties' issues to ensure both owner and tenant satisfaction and does it with the right blend of expertise .
Property Management
  SVC acts as a property manager on behalf of other Investors, Developers and business owners; where it develops the set of rules, regulations and covenants to run the property and protects the owner’s assets.

SVC selects and attracts the principal companies that constitute the primary key players in the cluster architecture to act as a magnet attracting the rest of the cluster community.

SVC Manages different types of assets (Land, Buildings, Club, Cafeterias,.....) on behalf of landlords.

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    Tenant Management and rent collection

    • Attracting tenants and arrange for agreements.
    • Ending Tenancy.
    • Getting Properties ready.
    • Working with Tenants for benefits.
    • Managing Problem tenants.
    • Secure Owner’s rights.
    • Reserve Tenant’s legal rights.
    • Outline Tenant’s and Owner’s responsibilities.
    • Rent Collection services starting from invoicing till collection and handing to Owner.

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    Lease Management

    • Controlling Client’s data via managing accounts and professional accounting systems.
    • Manage and Monitor Rental.
    • Coordinate tenant alterations.
    • Handle lease amendments.
    • Handle customers complaints and requests.

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    Contracts Management, Prepare delivery Protocols and Annexes

    • Creating Tenancy Agreement.
    • Tailoring Seating plans for tenants.
    • Developing Service Level Agreements.
    • Managing Constructors on behalf of landowners.
    • Manage the Guarantees with the Constructors.

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    Engineering & Consultancy services

      In order to provide a top quality service to our clients, Smart Village Egypt fosters one of the leading engineering consultancy firms, which alternately assist the tenants to build their own construction- be it infrastructure or in buildings - by selecting the right contractor for them.

    Based on the planned time schedule and Budget, SVC’s Engineering department can ensure the delivery of your building just as planned and expected.

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    Softlanding Services

      Information, advice, guidance, and support regarding the Egyptian Market i.e.

    (Investment Laws, Economical, Financial and social guidelines - doing Business in Egypt)

    Business Support Services including:
    • Managed work space(Smart Zone Package).
    • Domestic Market research and entry assistance.
    • Match-Making (Local and International/GGN) - Tailored Matchmaking services helping in finding customers and business partners.
    • Day to Day assisting facilities: services and facilities that supports the Smart Village’s entrepreneurs/employees lives such as ( SV School, SV Nursery, transportation, catering, linking to agencies for house rental services, etc..).