15 Apr 2014 Join The first Empoyment Fair at the Smart Village's Conference Center More >>
15 Apr 2014 Minister of Communication and Information Technology: Projects with 3 Billion Pounds are about to occur during the coming period More >>
13 Apr 2014 Xceed Honors its Top Performers for Year 2013 More >>
13 Apr 2014 The Third International Annual Conference and Exhibition on Communications and Information Technologies for People With Disabilities More >>
31 Mar 2014 Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport offers special discounts on High Studies programs for companies in Smart Village More >>
26 Mar 2014 The Arab Academy for Science andTechnology and maritime trasnport announced the establishment of the 1st students unionin in Smart Village branch. More >>
23 Mar 2014 H.E. Egyptian Prime Minister heads a senior delegation in a visit to Smart Village – Egypt More >>
12 Mar 2014 Smart Villages Development & Management Company signed an agreement with The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) to establish a center of excellence and a new educational headquarter for AASTMT at Smart Village More >>
12 Mar 2014 Ambassadors of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine Visited Smart Village More >>
12 Mar 2014 A Group of Members of "Women Association Egypt" visited Smart Village on March 9, 2014 More >>

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