SVC Hosts Arab Network of Incubators and Technology Parks “ARTECNET” meeting

The Arab Network of Incubators and Technology Parks “ARTECNET” holds its annual meeting for the year 2015 in "Smart Village - Egypt", hosted & headed by Smart Villages Development & Management Company, in the period from 7 to 9 April 2015. For further information, please use the following link:

Moreover, a workshop on youth employment and entrepreneurship will take place beside the meeting as well as organizing an exhibition of young entrepreneurs and private initiatives in this area from Arab countries. Distinguished leaders of the sector will be lecturing at the workshop in addition to the outstanding expected attendees. The aim of this workshop is to explore the challenges and strategies for the development of the creation and development of corporate systems based on information and communication technology the exhibition & the discussions are designed to examine the strategies and practices that can be adopted in the Arab region to tackle youth unemployment using information and communication technology.

For registration, please use the following link:

The idea of establishing Arab Network of Incubators and Technology Parks “ARTECNET” was ignited in the meeting held in Tunisia at the end of 2013 within the agenda of the “CIT For All” forum, and became functional by the end of the meeting held in June 2014 and graciously hosted by the Algerian “National Agency for Promoting & Developing Technology Parks” in its “Sidi Abdullah” Technology Park with the participation of Smart Villages Development and Management Company and under the auspices of the Arab Regional Office “ITU “.

The main objective was to settle an agreement for the Network constitutive act and its running methods regulations as well as establishing a cooperation mechanism between the technology cities and the Arab incubators. Finally, exchanging experience and planning to carry out joint projects.

Last June, members of the Constituent Assembly in Algeria agreed to establish an Arabic network for incubators and technology cities called “The Arabic Network for Incubators and Technology Cities – ARTECNET” , its main objectives are:-

  • Unifying efforts to contribute to the development achievement in the fields of Science and Technology and applying them in the Arab region.
  • Establishing joint ventures between the Arab countries as well as spreading the knowledge and exchanging experiences between them.
  • Building the skills in the field of establishing and running the incubators and the technology cities in the Arab World.
  • Identifying the regional and the international members.
  • Developing cooperation and exchanges with similar networks at regional and international levels.

To achieve these goals successfully, the network has to undertake a number of basic tasks such as meetings and scientific conferences and organizing training courses on a regular basis as well as activating a program for experience exchange between members.

The network is also committed to coordinate with achieving the harmony standards as well as specifications of establishing and organizing the incubators and technology cities not to forget the global development of incubators and technology cities follow-up patterns.

Cooperating with international and regional organizations and other networks to exchange knowledge, consequently, this will encourage establishing and spreading incubators and technology cities in the Arab World.

Finally, establishing effective systems for knowledge exchange between members and preparing studies related to the aspects of organizing and rating for incubators and technology cities, this will contribute to create an attractive environment which promotes and attracts investment in this field in the Arab region.

Dr. Adel Danish/ Smart Villages Development and Management Company Chairman and CEO commented saying: “Smart Villages Development and Management Company has a long experience in the field of incubators and technology cities, the company was able to develop distinguished ways of work based on the gained and accumulated experience and began expanding the Smart Villages Development and Management Company outside Egypt many years ago, now it’s time for regional expansion within the establishment of this huge entity.

Then he added, “The Smart Villages Development and Management Company will work efficiently for achieving the network success due to its positive economic returns which serves the Arab regional economy and offers a unique society appropriate to the global, regional and national companies, also represents an attraction point of investments and excellent business environment.