Smart Village Club

Sports and leisure facilities
We believe in the importance of keeping our body and mind synchronized and to maintain a healthy way of living. It is understandable that perhaps you may not want to do anything after a long day at work but surely after a long day at work a little exercise will put a spring back into your step. It is a known fact that those of us who are motivated enough to do sports after work will transfer that motivational effort into other aspects of our lives. 

Having a fully equipped sports and recreational centre and a relaxing Spa few steps from your office is a motivating presence to maintain the mind/body synchronization and to keep you fit and ready to excel in both your business and personal lives.

Smart Village Club facilities

  • (4) Tennis Hard Courts
  • (2) Swimming Pools (semi-Olympic and Kids)
  • Multipurpose hard court (Quanta Soccer, Basketball, Handball & Volley Ball)
  • Official football field
  • (4 ) Lanes track
  • Squash Courts
  • Gymnasium
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiard
  • Aerobics Room
  • Spa

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    Leisure and Dining Areas:

    • Club Lounge
    • Restaurant & outdoor terraces
    • Children Playground
    • Indoor Kids Play Room

    Parking is not a problem; parking area is available for club members and visitors.

    All club’s services and amenities are open to Smart Village Club Members, for membership fees and subscription details, kindly contact us on:

    For more information, kindly contact us on:
    Tel: 35380015/8
    Fax: 35380016
    E-mail: Click here


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    Resume on demand and internship:

      Smart Villages Company has launched the"Resume on Demand" service to help its community companies select their employees meticulously.

    A free and reliable source of resumes available to the benefit of the companies and organizations present in Smart Village Egypt exclusively.

    With a user name and password, you can log on to the website to view and download resumes for the required candidates.

    To enhance the efficiency of the service, Smart Villages Company added a sub-service to the website "The Internship"; where companies can find trainees ‘resumes, organized by field and objective.

    Registration and more information
    Please visit, follow the simple registration steps and within one working day you will receive your user name and password, to fully access the resume’s database.