Smart Villages

Creating the perfect business enviroment where work meets pleasure, using the most up to date technology in operational support and infrastructure .

Building an interactive community where chances of growth and success skyrocket for businesses.

And investing in the most dynamic cities of all .. facility management and a full range of business and recreational services.

Providing all the elements of a work-life balance is a priority at Smart Villages. This is why  Smart Village Egypt represents the ultimate interactive community.  Smart Village Egypt  has become the hub of business community and the pacemaker of economic growth in Egypt.
Smart Village Egypt
  Smart Village Egypt is seen as the go to location for hundreds of reputable multinational and local corporations that are looking for a business base in Egypt.

Already Providing its customers with a hassle free business environment, Smart Village Egypt is expected to become the focal point for over 500 corporations, that host over 100,000 employees, conducting their business from 100 operational buildings; as it reaches its completion, SmartVillage Egypt will be able to provide 1,000,000 m2 of luxurious office spaces by the year 2016.

A fully operational CIT cluster and business park that accommodates multinational and local companies, governmental and financial organizations, educational institutions and research & development centers all of which share the sophisticated state of the art infrastructure.