Double Deck Buses

  Double Deck Buses: Is a new service offered by Smart Villages Development & Management Company for all Smart Village employees and visitors. Its capacity is 72 passenger. It can be booked on month, daily basis or one way.
  Dokkii and Mohandseen Route:
  Meeting Points Time
  In front of eldokki station (Cinema Tahrir) 6.45 AM
  Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque  7.00 :7.05 AM
  In front of Tersana Club (lola fish)
7.10 AM
  Lebanon Square 7.15 AM
  Arrival to Smart Village 7.55 AM
  • Return trip from Smart Village 4:30 PM
  • Ticket fee EGP 10 (one way)
  • Monthly Subscription EGP 220
  انظر الخريطة
Cinema Tahrir





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Tersana Club


انظر الخريطة
Smart Village

  Mashaal, Remaya Square:
  Meeting Points Time
  Mashaal - Haram (Haram , Mansorya street intersection point)
7.45 AM
  Faisal /Remaya ( End of Fasial street ) 7.50 AM
  Arrival to Smart Village 8.15 AM
  • Return trip from Smart Village 5:00 PM
  • Ticket fee EGP 7 (one way)
  • Monthly Subscription EGP 175

For more information, please call: 012-01003003

Return trip:-

all lines will move from park number 3 (Vodafone park) at 4.30 PM




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Smart Village

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